Martial Mastery is Exactly What I Was Expecting!

"I have studied success mastery for many years and have written three best selling books on natural strength and fitness. I'm really enjoying the information conveyed in Martial Mastery and it is exactly what I was expecting. Please offer my gratitude
to Scott." -

ohn E. Peterson,

You Are The Only Teacher I Have
Known That Stands By Your Word!

"Thanks for the Martial Mastery dvd's, they are awesome! I really appreciate your extra effort. You really do care about your students, so uncommon these days. I have literally spent around 100K on consulting and management firms over the last three years and you are the only teacher that I have known of that stands by your word, gives your students the real "skinny" on whatever you are sharing, and knocks us out with your thoroughness. I just want you to know that and I don't give out compliments easily, in fact I have been known to be a little intense at times. Guess that is the way G-d made me. I hate bulls--t. You deliver my man! You have a student and referral source for life."

Jeff King (Illinois)

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It REVOLUTIONIZED Mental Warfare, Personal Power, Mind Mastery and How YOU Can Be The Ultimate Inner Warrior "BAD-ASS"


- Getting into the "Money-Zone"
- Naturally Attracting the HOTTEST Soul-Mate
  You've ever dreamed of.
- Melting Fat Like Butter with a Blow-Torch


Starting the Moment You Walk Out Your Door After Watching these One-of-a-Kind "Underground Guerilla"DVDs...Without Doing Anything Other Than Tapping Into the Hidden, Natural Power That Already Exists as Part of Your Own Mind.

Now you can finally discover the amazing secrets behind the SAMURAI, NINJA, SHINOBI, KAHUNA, GRANDMASTERS and Other WARRIORS ability to use hidden natural power that no one else ever learned how to tap into!

And, transform it into Mastering your everyday life... using Martial Mastery Secrets REVEALED!



You Are The Only Teacher I Have Known That Stands By Your Word!

“Thanks for the Martial Mastery dvd’s, they are awesome! I really appreciate your extra effort. You really do care about your students, so uncommon these days. I have literally spent around 100K on consulting and management firms over the last three years and you are the only teacher that I have known of that stands by your word, gives your students the real “skinny” on whatever you are sharing, and knocks us out with your thoroughness. I just want you to know that and I don’t give out compliments easily, in fact I have been known to be a little intense at times. Guess that is the way G-d made me. I hate bulls–t. You deliver my man! You have a student and referral source for life.”

– Jeff King (Illinois)


Martial Mastery is Exactly What I Was Expecting!

“I have studied success mastery for many years and have written three best selling books on natural strength and fitness. I’m really enjoying the information conveyed in Martial Mastery and it is exactly what I was expecting. Please offer my gratitude to Scott.”

– John E. Peterson,


Scott Blows Them Out Of The Water!

“Now HERE’S a guy who “gets it” … I’ve been following Scott for some time now and I gotta tell you, he’s actually RIDICULED by his peers for his “in your face” style. No kidding! I’ve talked to other martial arts instructors who don’t think he’s their “equal”. And most of them are right… because he BLOWS THEM OUT OF THE WATER with his perspective BEYOND just hand-to-hand combat!”

– Jeff Anderson “The Muscle Nerd”


Scott’s Research De-Mystifies the “Words in the Clouds”!

“One day, I came across my favorite magazine fountain (for me, it’s Starbucks and Barnes & Noble), noting what’s not been done. I Stumbled across Scott Bolan’s ad and it’s coveted secrets to getting everything I wanted (heck, everything I needed!) Then, combining Scott’s words with my own dreams, I started intuiting what I wanted to be doing. I formulated the following: 1. Refine your passion 2. Be slow to anger 3. Set it in overdrive These three basic core concepts were derived from Scott’s Inner Circle teaching. I realized, I too, can learn the “mysteries.” Scott’s research demystifies all the “words in the clouds” and bring them in plain-jane applications. If you’re serious about unlocking those doors to success, you will need to join the team – The Scott Bolan Inner Circle Team! For time and all eternity,”

– Ken Gonzalez (Martial Mastery customer)


I Was Unsure About Your Products… I Checked them Out… They’ve Been a Great Help!

“Hi Scott, A while back, I purchased and studied a few of your products. To be brutally honest, initially I was unsure about the plausibility of your products and thought that their descriptions was just good salesmanship. However, from personal experience, I agreed with a lot of your views and articles, so I decided to purchase the products anyway and check them out, and they now have opened up a brand new way of thinking for me. I now feel a lot more comfortable with the world around me, and I can really go ahead for whatever I set my mind to, and I must say, your products have been a very great help. Thanks.”

– Andrew Woodliffe (Essex, UK)


I Skyrocketed Everything in My Life!

“Hi Scott, Christopher here … I bought a lot of your stuff but did not study it for a long time. The last 3 month i really got into it, seriously. And i like to say that the freedom and detachment i established with your teachings is awesome. I never felt so good before. To use your words, it’s simply unfair. I skyrocketed everything in my life. Finally you helped me to transform into the warrior i always wanted to be. And this is just the beginning. Man, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You. I know you like Bruce Lee, we all do, now i am like water… unstoppable All the best for you and all you care for may god bless you always yours WID”

– Christopher Widmoser (Germany)


It’s Truly Amazing!

“Tom, I had been meaning to write to you about the Martial Mastery course. It is truly amazing ! The amount of knowledge that Scott possesses is unbelievable. He talks about Tony Robbins and I have been to most of Tony’s seminars. I have also done the fire walk twice. As much as I admire Tony, I have to say that he pales in comparison to Scott. After I returned from Tony’s seminars, things quickly returned to normal. There was no change in me. But, as I internalized the things that Scott teaches, I finally have changes that will last. That is definitely something worth striving for. I thank you for all your help. Sincerely,”

– Carlo Berto (Arlington, VA)


It’s Excellent! Thanks Again!

“Hi Scott, I have enjoyed the material I have bought from you… I guess I like the unapologetic straightforwardness as well as your attempt to perceive and explain things beyond the clutter most of us seem to get caught up in. And I can’t tell you how many programs I’ve bought because the sales letter was interesting and intriguing, only to find that the presentation and material was bloody awful. I’ve yet to be disappointed with your stuff, it’s excellent! Thanks again,”

– Howard C (Alberta, Canada)


I Greatly Appreciate What You Have Done For Me and My Family!

“Thank you. I greatly appreciate what you have done for me and my family. It meant so much to receive the gift of your time to write me. I had been reading from your website for some time when I suffered a Home Invasion. I believe it had a lot to do with the outcome of that event. I can only imagine what I will be capable of after more of your programs. I would be more than happy to send you a copy of the commendation and write a testimonial. You have inspired me with the emails, website and videos. I am thankful that you have such a gift and urge you to continue your good works. Sincerely,”

– Robert Menard (Connecticut


It’s Really Heartening To Find Someone Who Has True Spiritual Awareness and Teaches Realistic Self-Defense!

“Dear Scott… I have been studying the Law of Attraction for a few months and other related things before that, so it is not that your ideas are totally new to me. It is that I feel your sincerity. Despite the popular idea that the martial arts can help one spiritually, it seems that most martial artists that achieve some spiritual insight tend to move away from teaching the martial arts, e.g. Peter Ralston. It’s really heartening to find someone who has true spiritual awareness and teaches realistic self-defense too. Keep up the good work.”

– Edwin (New York, NY)


Scott Gives Great Examples From His Own Life!

“Scott doesn’t just talk about vague terms and unrealistic things like a lot of other people out there. He gives great examples from his own life and stimulates you to think for yourself!”

– Shawn Chong (YouTube)


I Doubled My Score! I Am Having The Best Experience This Year All From Understanding The Tools You Share!

“Scott,,,, My life has been different and for the better since I have been studying the Martial Mastery DVDs. I have had success in many areas that I didn’t have in the past. Like using what I have learned in the DVDs to get a table within a minute at a busy restaurant when the lobby is full and everyone else was waiting for 20-30 minutes. Or like the other day when I went bowling and practiced the mental state you teach to double my score in the second game and have the women I was with begging to know my secret. What is most important is that I always dreaded spending time with my family over the holidays. I found my self being tested with the same situations of the past, but my mental state has changed entirely and I now I am having the best experience this year all from understanding the tools you share. I look forward to experiences situations I use to fear. I know now that I can and will handle anything that comes my way with the grace and ease of a Samurai-King. Many Thanks My Friend,”

– Brian Alcorn (Henderson, NV)


The Most Awesome Information Anyone Could Ask For!

“Hello Scott! You guys really have your stuff together. You presently have the most awesome information and products anyone could ask for. Please keep up the good work. Have an awesome day!!!” – Sterling (United Kingdom)


Love Martial Mastery!

“Love martial mastery! I went through all dvds, took notes and I read through it once every day. Changes are taking place. Feels weird sometimes, like I’m stepping out of a shell into a new world that I’m not familiar with. But I’m starting to spread my wings and fly!”

– Olof Ekelund (Sweden)


I Have Had Major Success! Scott REALLY Delivers!

“I have had Major Success with the [Martial Mastery] DVD’s. Scott REALLY Delivers! Thank you.”

– Brian


Your Products Have Got To Be The Best On The Market Today!

“Hello Scott, You possess invaluable knowledge. Your products have got to be the best on the market today because you believe in dealing with the most important “muscle” and weapon on the planet: THE BRAIN !!! This is, without a doubt, what every combative program or system needs for the real world. I know because I’m a multiple black belt holder with over 39 years of experience in the martial arts. This includes real-life street combat experience and elite U.S. Army unit training and combat experience in Central America. However, I’m constantly striving to learn more and apply myself. Thanks for the pertinent information you provide!”

– S. Moore


I Can Tell A Considerable Difference! I Really Appreciate It!

I have 4 of your courses and it is great stuff and I have used what I have learned and I can tell a considerable difference in my dealing with people/situations..I really appreciate it.”

– Tim D. (Nashville, TN)


I Cannot Adequately Express My Appreciation Enough!

“Dear Yates, I received my [Martial Mastery] order and I can not adequately express my appreciation enough. Sincerely,”

– Joe Magdos (Phoenix, AZ)


Already Got My Money’s Worth!

“Scott I have just purchased and received the Martial Mastery Course and have gone through my first review. I am starting my second review of everything and following the course of study as suggested with the instructions. On my first pass I believe I have already got my monies worth and want to pass on a “thank you” to you.”

– Orvel Currie (Alberta, Canada)


This is What I Was Looking For!

“I am almost through the DVD’s of Martial Mastery. The info is what I was looking for: a warrior attitude, code of honor and way of life. (Very simple and very effective at once) Thank You.”

– Diederik Willemans (Poland)


Best Money I Ever Spent On a Course!

“I have gone over the martial mastery DVDs and I found them original and loaded with very important knowledge. I highly recommend this course. Best money I have ever spent on a course. Thanks”

– Garth Wiebe, (Canada)


Well Worth The Money!

“I am taking this time to write this email to express my thank. As I go through the course it all starts to make a lot of sense on what Scott is saying. The whole mine for gold and absorb what is useful to you thing made sense. The simple fact that I can get answers to any questions I may have gives me a lot more sense of security and motivation to stay focused. Martial Mastery is definitely well worth the money spent on acquiring this course. Thank you guys so much. Sincerely,”

– Mel (Houston, TX)


Already Learned Some Great Stuff!

“Hi, I’ve only watched a couple of the DVDs from the Martial Mastery set and I’ve already learned some great stuff and picked up some real gold nuggets!!! Thank you,”

– Koenraad Rau Greater Potentials (Belgium)


You’ve Helped Sharpen My Sword And Shown Me The Path to True Mastery!

“Hi I purchased the Martial Mastery DVD’s. I’m Gil from Australia. I’d just like to say you’ve helped me to sharpen my sword, and shown me the path to true mastery. Thank you,”

– Gil Tuyau (Sidney, Australia)


Fantastic Information!

“Good morning, Scott: I am enjoying the Martial Mastery series I just recently received. Fantastic information! In fact, I was so excited after listening to Volume 3 of Mental Warfare Secrets yesterday afternoon, that I broke the Mastery Keys to Unstoppable Confidence FREE BONUS CD attempting to get it out of the case. Naturally I was disappointed. LOL. So, Scott, can you send me another copy?

Best Regards,” Alex DeHaan (Alberta, Canada)


Will Be Telling People About Scott’s Great Products!

“Dear Tom, Recently I ordered the Mental Warfare Secrets program I saw in Blackbelt Magazine. I also had ordered the Devastating Fight Secrets DVD. I must say, I was rather very impressed by Mental Warfare Secrets, I was also very impressed by the gift you gave me: Defending Home and Family. I think that the material on Scott’s DVD is absolutely priceless! I was So impressed by Mental Warfare Secrets, Defending Home and Family, How to Tell if Someone is Lying, that I now for certain that I made a very wise decision in ordering Martial Mastery from Yates at Straightforward. And, I would love to get the opportunity to meet Scott at one of his upcoming seminars. I thanked Yates for turning me on to Scott’s products. In fact, I am going to hypnotist Vince Kelvin’s seminar on Friday and as I told Yates, I shall be telling people there about Scott’s amazing products, as my way of saying thanks to Yates for introducing Scott to his customers like me.”

– Brandon (Dallas, TX)


Pure Genius!

“Hi , I really liked the product because Scott just gets to the point and is very specific when he covers the lessons. I really like the analogy that he made about how do you stop a moving train. The answer to that question, is just pure genius. Because that’s how people really operate, they (we) go on trough out the day thinking , and moving at a particular speed until… Again Thank You…”

– Sam Guerrero (Portland , OR)


Exceeded My Expectations!

“I first stumbled across Scott Bolan in an article in Black Belt Magazine. I am only a novice in Martial Arts but have always been fascinated and amazed at what artists can do. The CDs and DVDs that I’ve purchased have exceeded my expectations. Scott comes across as a genuine guy. His no nonsense straight talking approach appeals to me. His instruction is clear and rooted in sound principles and common sense. I have played the CDs over and over to soak in more each time…..until the principles have become subconscious and automatic. I have subscribed to the monthly Inner Circle Membership series. I have subscribed to other journals and self help publications before, however this is a unique blend of old and new teachings that are deep and profound, yet practical and relevant for today. Congratulations to the team for getting Scott’s material into a medium that many people can access and benefit from. I hope this will encourage you and Scott to keep producing more great material. You have certainly hit the mark with the products so far. Regards,”

– P.A. (NSW Australia)


I Use Your Thoughts and Ideas to Help My Students!

“I look forward to your teachings, they help keep me grounded and I use your thoughts and ideas to help my students.”

– Jay Nebel Black Belt Instructor (Pennsylvania)


I Am Very Impressed! Amazing and Very Powerful!

“Hi Scott, I would like to let you know that I am very impressed with the martial mastery DVD’s. Some of the information contained is amazing and very powerful.”

– Charles H. ( London, UK)



“Dear Mr. Bolan, Dr. Canipe and friends. This is Douglas from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I’ve been meaning to thank you all for a long time, and after this awesome newsletter about our “enemies”, I couldn’t wait any longer. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I have already learned so much from newsletters and videos posted on youtube, but I hunger for a lot more. Nothing we have in Brazil compares to your products, and probably nothing in the world. I work in an environment surrounded by negativity, gossip and energy vampires (I’m a real estate broker). I practice Aikido, which I combine with knowledge I get from your material, resulting in a little bit more of flexibility in everyday life. I can’t even imagine how unstoppable I will become …Looking forward… Until then, keep improving people’s lives, posting great material and making the world a better place. We need more heroes in this crazy world, and you guys are mine. Best wishes,”

– Douglas Berzins (Sao Paulo, Brazil)


Your Martial Mastery DVDs Have Completely Changed My Life!

“Hi Scott, First of all, your Martial Mastery DVD’s have completely changed my life. I could go on for days but suffice to say, I’m operating on a different planet now! I’m just chomping at the bit to dig into your other courses! I’m looking forward to yet another chapter of adventure. Yours in the Warrior Spirit,”

– Todd Swan NY


After Listening To Scott Bolan’s DVDs Regularly… This Is Awesome!

“I have been single for two years, and found a woman who fits me just right in SO many ways – after listening to Scott Bolan’s DVDs regularly… This is awesome!!!”

– Tavius Southard (Oregon)


Literally Life-Changing!

I love buying Scott’s products because they are the best info-products I have ever used (I have been an info-product user for the past 6 years). they are literally life changing. I know I will continue to buy your products in the future until I own and have used them all. Again, thank you for your help and generosity.”

– Patrick Nagorski


Some of The Best Investments of My Life, if Not The Best! Thanks!

“Hi. I own the Martial Mastery set and many of the other programs you offer. I beleive they are some of the best investments of my life, if not the best. Thanks.”

– Anthony Curcio (Rocklin CA)


Getting Promoted Early Again and Won The Soldier of the Month Board!

“Hey Scott, I am a soldier stationed in Iraq. I’ve used your “How To Get Out of a Traffice Ticket” a few times with the Military Police and its worked every time so far. I’m getting promoted early again and won the “soldier of the month board” for the second time thanks to your 9 Mastery Keys to self confidence. Thank the Lord and Thanks again Scott.”

– L.J.


Helped My Personal Development Immensely! GOOD STUFF!!!!

“I purchased the Martial Mastery set one year ago, and Scott’s teaching has helped my personal development immensly. GOOD STUFF!!!!!”

– E. Sandoval (California)


No Bull!

“I had to live a lifetime to learn the lessons taught in Scott’s seminar, and most of the time it was the hard way. I would be a different person today if I had had this seminar when I was younger. I would even be a millionaire today and working for myself if I could’ve been taught these lessons earlier in life and that is no bull.”

– Sgt. Jonathan Rone (US Army)


Blown Away at the Quality of Content in Scott’s Martial Mastery! Wow!

“Mr. Parks, Eric here. I have to tell you that i am so blown away by the quality of content in Scott’s martial mastery course i dont even know what to say. And then to get a surprise free bonus in the recognizing the enemy course is amazing. All I can say is wow. And thank you. You guys do really deliver more than a person could ever expect which is very rare nowdays. I am immediately signing up for your inner circle membership because I now am fully aware of your quality and service toward your customers. This company and its programs are like no other on the net or anywhere. Thank you.”

– Eric O. (Philadelphia, PA)


Thank You For All The Amazing Tools You Provide!

“Hey Scott really like your stuff, I have mental warfare secrets,deadly fighting secrets and maximum warrior. The mental warfare secrets was absolutely amazing. Maximum warrior had a lot of stuff in it …well worth it just to be able to anchor my perifial vision stacked on a state of readiness. Brilliant that’s not just a tool in my mental tool box it’s a loaded gun. I’m looking forward to learning Martial Mastery … Thank you for all the amazing tools you provide. Sincerely”

– Spencer Heieie (Canada)


I’ve Attracted More Success and Power!

Hey Scott… I reconstructed the way my brain works almost entirely. As you have put it in previous e-mails… the brain is the most powerful computer known to man. the question I ask others, is do they control the computer like the one I’m using now or do they let their computer control them. You’d be surprised by the answers I get every time I ask that to someone. Everybody believes they’re in ‘control’ in their life, but when people actually step back and look in the mirror, they will realize that they have almost no control of their lives until they WANT to make the change. And as you said in previous e-mails, we attract what we truly want in life. We are all bits and pieces of matter/energy/life force/etc etc, but almost no one knows how to manipulate(for lack of better words) that energy to achieve what they want. Only people like you, and your clients who take these messages to heart and focus on it. I’ve attracted so much more success and ‘power’ in life since I started reading your e-mails. Now I really DO look forward to challenges, because as you taught, we will thrive in chaos… I turned 22 this previous july and I have a lot more than anyone probably ever had when they were my age. People call me a ‘wise man’ like from the books of the 7 wise men just by how I think now and how calm I am in just about every situation that’s thrown at me. So on behalf of the United States Army, I thank you for your teachings Scott. I could not have gotten this far in my thought process or power without your help Scott. So I thank you. Your student,”

– Neal Nabb (US Army)


I Will Adhere To This Philosophy For Life!

“Brother Scott, GREAT MESSAGE!You hit it right on the spot,the “renewing of the minds.”This is something I carry with me at all times.If we are to succeed in life,whatever that may be,we must not place blame on others or circumstances that pop up in our lives,and not dictated by others’ agendas.This is the WISDOM we must carry with us for success and you can bet that this “silent warrior” will adhere to this philosophy for life! Aloha my friend”

– Joel Manuel Martial Mastery customer (NJ)


Used to be like Sheeple, Now Honing Skills Like a Warrior!

“Tom, the articles posted in Scott Bolan’s are really informative. I have learned a mountain of information from the martial mastery DVD’s, and changed in ways i would have never tought. I used to be a sheeple watching TV like most others, but now i’m active; constantly honing my skills like a warrior and taking time to learn and grow. Godspeed,”

– Johnathan Rivera (Fort Bragg)


Army Officer appreciates Scott’s teachings of Mental Readiness!

“Dear Scott, I was in the italian army, in somalia, and in other country. But we were not mentaly ready for a real fight, so a battle come one day, and people was confused. I appreciate your effort to explain the importance of mental and psychological readiness. Best regard”

– Silvio Pompei


Priceless Knowledge!

“Dear Scott: I am an old warrior…I believe that the hardest thing a person has to learn is to be ” Willing “… I believe this is the first thing that must be taught so one can defend one’s self adequately when the occasion arises. Just thought I would mention this. I did purchase your Martial Mastery Program awhile ago. I wish to thank you for making this knowledge available, it is priceless. Thank you:”

– J.R.Magdos


Thank You Again!

“Re: Thank You for your Service and Sacrifice – Scott, Thank you for this email. It is quite amazing that you sent me this because right now I am in Afghanistan and have been fighting in Operation Enduring Freedom for the past 6 months. I am happy to know that I have support of this caliber from a man of your stature. I ordered one of your products while out here and have enjoyed it very much. Its men like you that make me proud to serve. Thank you again,”

– Daniel Conley (US Navy)


Inspired to Improve!

“Norm, I really enjoyed your interview with Scott and hope you can find time to have him back on the radio again [The Norm Jones Show NewsTalk 580]. He definitely inspired me to look at and improve the ways I view personal and family protection. Thanks again,”

– Bryan


An Inspiration!

“Mr. Bolan, I would just like to thank you for coming on the radio show today. I really enjoyed having you. You have been an inspiration to me. You, Yates Canipe, Ross Jeffries, Milton Erickson, Richard Bandler, Bruce Lee, Dan Inosanto have really helped get me through a lot of trying times with your teachings. I just want to say, and I really do mean this; it was an honor and a priveledge to have you on. thank you again.”

– James Cook Radio Talk Show Host and Martial Mastery Customer (WADA-AM 1390)


Worth the Wait!

“Hello, Tom, I received the package late last week – – Wow! was it worth the wait! I have enjoyed listening to the first 5 cds, already – – brilliant material.”

– Michael Deering (FL)


The Best Instructor!

“You’re the best martial arts instructor I”ve ever seen”

– Timothy Weston (CA)


A Man of Great Integrity and Solid As a Rock!

“Dear Tom/Scott, Just to let you know that I will be ordering the summit dvds on thursday, thanks for all your help so far. I really love and enjoy listening to Scott. He’s a man of great integrity and solid as a rock. I really look forward to seeing and studying the summit dvd’s. Many thanks for all the inspiration”

– Mike Griffin, Great Britain


Easy to Understand and Use Right Away!

“I know from experience that any [course] that comes from Scott is full of easy to understand information that I can use right away.”

– CB – Virginia


A Great Deal of Benefit!

“I’d like to say thanks for all of the great information that you have shared with me and others; It has given me a great deal of benefit.”

– Duane Scott (Chicago, IL)


Wonderful and Forever Giving… Straight to The Point and From the Heart!

“Dear Scott, Thank you! You have been wonderful and forever giving when it comes to knowledge. I appreciate the sincerity with which you write straight to the point and straight from the heart”

– Selvin Carter, India


An InspirationTo Us All!

“Thank you, you are an inspiration to us all.”

– R. Snyder (US Army)


Very Useful In My Line of Work!
“Hi Scott, I’ve purchased many of your products, and have found them to be very useful for my line of work (debt recovery) – it seems all the mental warfare you teach it’s designed for that in mind! Very useful information indeed, I have used it on others, and detected it’s use on myself countless times!

– Richard H. (London, United Kingdom)


A Mix of Einstein and Bruce Lee!

“Mr Bolan. Your nothing short of mix between einstien and bruce lee”

– Eric (Pittsburg, PA)


From Doormat to Alpha Dog! … and asked to appear in a MOVIE!!

“Dear Scott, Thanks to you I’ve gone from doormat to Alpha dog. Best part of the story, the year isn’t over yet. Did I tell you this formula of yours has an amazing effect on my relationship with the ladies? Ahhhh……. but you already know:) Talk to ya!”

– Bill Geary (NYC) “P.S. I might have to get back to you about Monday, I’ve been asked to appear in a movie, being made here, near where I live, (honest!)



“Thank you, thank you, thank you….yesssss!!!!!!!!!… Dangit, this is fabulous! You guys rock so frickin’ hard, man! “

– Sam Boydston (TX)


Related to the Laws of Physics!

“[Scott Bolan’s video from Martial Mastery: ‘How To Stop Energy Vampires] is very profound. Becoming objective to all of our feelings and thoughts can be difficult because of our obsession with our own lives and what we may falsely think of as Justice. Detachment means realizing that we can be influenced by others emotionally – and we can influence others using the same energy. Being a slave to emotion pulls us away from our true self. All this is somehow related to the known laws of Physics. Like Scott says, “Awareness affects Matter.”

– PR Hinton


… Already Changing the Way I Live!

“I received my Martial Mastery DVD set on Saturday. I’m only on volume 9 so far as of this writing. I just want to say thank you, the little bit I have applied so far is already changing the way I live. It is truly an honor to learn this wisdom, and do something with it to better myself, and my relationships with others. My change in posture alone has made a huge difference. I also am seeing through new filters, and am already getting started with the one idea for a home based business. Thank you for giving me that nudge to live my dreams in this lifetime again, and breaking me free from the sheeple!”

– David Wolff (San Diego, CA)


Bruce Lee for the Brain!

“I just started to watch the ” Martial Mastery” course by Scott Bolan. This guy really is ” Bruce Lee for the brain!” Daniel Phillips, Northern Sydney Bears Cashflow Club & Sydney Ghosts Tours owner (Sydney, Australia)


Changed My Life and Led Me to So Much More!

“Hey Scott, first I want to thank you. It was October of 2008 that I ordered Martial Mastery. Thank Goodness I did. I knew I wanted more in my life. Better health, relationships, persuasion, money. I was so impressed, I became an Inner circle member for that year….what great information. You have changed my life and led my to so much more… Thank you for all of your info and skill you teach and the great people you work with. I always looked forward to my inner circle disc each month…put them on my ipod and I have them to listen to whenever I want…..Look forward to all of your new stuff and books. Glad I got in when I did!”

– Chad Pestorious


Scott’s Ideas Are Fantastic!

On January 17, 2009 I had ordered “Martial Mastery”… And your ideas are fantastic- I had to begin studying much earlier! I like [Scott], he is a Super Master Teacher of teaching the skills to life mastery.”

– Theofilos Fountas, Greece


Changed My Life! People Give Me More Respect!

“Love your stuff scott, your mind mastery dvd has changed my life. People treat me in a totally different way, i have more confidence, and people give me a lot more respect than they used too. thanks again.”

– Joseph Musquiz


Thank You For Keeping It Real!

“Dear Scott, Awesome! Thank you for keeping it real and for being unafraid to speak openly about interacting with chi and ‘anti-chi’ personalities. This is the matter that most new age gurus miss out or fear to mention, find hard to make plain or simply cannot quite understand. Very helpful. Pls keep me updated. Kind regards,”

– Sancia – Quintessence Books (United Kingdom)


Martial Mastery is So Awesome!

Your martial Mastery dvd is so awesome, thanks so much for inspiring me to get back into my JKD training! Keep up the good work!!!! thank you heaps”

– Daniel Morris


Thank You For Inspiring Us To Grow Spiritually and Attain Success!

“There comes that mysterious meeting in life when someone acknowledges who we are and what we can be, igniting the circuits of our highest potential.” I love this universal truth, thanks for inspiring us to grow spiritually and attain success.”

– Pampered Chef Coach


Keep Leading the Way!

“Love’s greatest gift is its ability to make everything it touches sacred.” “Keep leading the way, thanks for sharing your tremendous leadership skills with us.”

– Amega Global