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Who Else Wants To Discover the Secrets of Instantly

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Starting the Moment You Walk Out Your Door After Watching these All-New for 2021 and Beyond One-of-a-KindUnderground GuerillaDVDs…

… Without Doing Anything Other Than Tapping Into the Hidden, Natural Power That Already Exists as Part of Your Own Mind

Discover the amazing secrets behind the SAMURAI, NINJA, SHINOBI, KAHUNA, GRANDMASTERS and Other WARRIORS ability to use hidden natural power that no one else ever learned how to tap into!

And, transform it into Mastering your everyday life…

… using Martial Mastery Secrets 3.0 REVEALED!

Listen up, Friend.

I promise you, I will not waste your time. The world is changing very rapidly before our eyes and there is not a moment to waste if you want to Survive and THRIVE.

I’m going to give you the Facts, Right Now:

FACT#1: In 2006 I was asked to “put it all together” and develop the Ultimate Course for Truly Mastering Every Area of Life as a REAL WARRIOR… it was called Martial Mastery….

It REVOLUTIONIZED Personal Power, Martial Arts, Mental Warfare, Self-Improvement, Mind Mastery and

How YOU Can Be The Ultimate Inner Warrior “BAD-ASS”…

it also broke sales records and LITERALLY TRANSFORMED the Men’s Self-Improvement World and yes, made me Famous.

FACT #2: By 2012 my Research and Development had expanded the original teachings from 12 DVDs to 20 DVDs, and Martial Mastery 2.0 was released and AGAIN ROCKED THE WORLD.

Fact #3: 2015 I was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and Author of the Year, and in 2016 given a Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2019 I was inducted into the Who’s Who In The Martial Arts Hall of Honors and given a Legends Award. The reason I mention this is not to toot my own horn, but to show you that You Can Achieve Anything with the Warrior’s Spirit and Skills. I came from nowhere to helping thousands of people master their lives and get amazing results!

Fact #4: The World of 2021 is rapidly transforming into a Communist Slave State before our very eyes. The Peasant Stock will be herded, jabbed, tagged and tracked like Livestock, and live Mediocre Serf Lives where the information they are “allowed” to see is chosen FOR them. Only Warriors With True Knowledge and Elite Skills will Survive and Thrive. That’s why I spent the last year in the deepest, most thorough research and development I have ever done in my entire life, and now it’s here…


The Grand Ultimate Course!

You might want to stand up before you read this, because in just a minute you’re going to be jumping for joy!

I am about to share with you amazing hidden secrets that have transformed and empowered the lives of smart people all over the world.

The Same Secrets that Made Me Powerful, Strong as a Lion, Wealthy,

Famous in My Chosen Industry

(doing what I LOVE to do), and Radiating with Peace, Confidence, Success and Happiness!

These stunningly simple secrets are the reason the “Leaders of the Pack” consistently succeed at whatever they put their mind to, even under grueling pressure and “disadvantaged” starting points…

And It does NOT involve “connections” or being born with a “silver spoon in your mouth”, and it certainly does NOT involve HOURS of Study, Drills, Repetition and Vague, un-tangible results!!!” If you’re as “lazy” as I am, and you just want to get out of the ruts and truly succeed in life (not just martial arts) you’re gonna LOVE this…

NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN LIFE, if you’re an honest person who wants to Become More Powerful, Opulent, Confident, Peaceful and Dangerous (yes, both) you can benefit greatly by what I am about to tell you.

The wise listen to what I have to say, because if there’s one thing I know about, it’s applying Martial Power to daily life for PERSONAL VICTORY.

If you think I’m lying or that this is all a bunch of sales hype, you are sadly mistaken. Read no further and I wish you all the best. Enjoy your life of Fear, Cognitive Bias, Envy, Pride, and Militant Mediocrity. We won’t miss you at all!

On the other hand, if you are one of the few who know a good thing when they see it, who know the truth when they hear it, you are about to discover how you can use this information to Master Your Self and Those Around You.

This kind of information is only available to an elite few in the entire world – and if you listen to what I have to tell you now, you can soon become a more Powerful, Confident and Prosperous person in your own right.

So listen up, because I am very busy and I do not have time to chit-chat. I’m going to give you the facts, and what you do with them is up to you.

I have a very simple question for you:

“Do you believe you can get more out of life, or are you doomed to your current circumstances?”

If you’re looking to get more out of life…

More Love • More Sex • More Money • More Power • More Fulfillment

… More of anything GOOD that you’ve always wanted, this is going to be the most important letter you’ve ever read!

You’ll look back on this day as the turning point – the day you discovered your true Inner Warrior’s Power that you’ve always dreamed about or wondered if it was really there.

The powers that be in dark places, and our own prideful ignorance, would like you to believe that it doesn’t exist, or at least be too afraid to use it.

When power isn’t used properly, it atrophies and becomes weakness. But if you want to…

…. Turn Weakness Into Strength

…. Struggle into Wealth

Fear Into Power

… and Your Daily Life into one of Prosperity, Purpose and Power…

… then this really is for you. And you’re gonna love this!

Here’s My Story and Why You Should Listen To Me

As I rose to the top of the Martial Arts world, I was SHOCKED to find out some of the most famous instructors in the world have their lives in shambles! If I said their name, you’d recognize them instantly. Sure, they can kick anyone’s ass. But life itself it kicking them!

You’d think that anyone who has “mastered” the martial arts and worked so hard to acquire such great skills would have strength of character, spirit, and personal power, and would be Winning in every Area of Life – but most are not!

Sure, I can show you how to kill a bigger, stronger attacker in self-defense. But what about your Daily Life? Why is it that most people, even Black Belts, are broke, lonely, unfulfilled, confused and defeated in the game of life?

The Samurai of long ago were virtual “Renaissance Men” – they could kill multiple attackers with blinding speed and precision, and the next moment write beautiful poetry, or serve tea with impeccable peace, order and detail.

They lived by their word. These Noble Warriors were the very embodiment of honor and personal power. Where are men with these attributes today?

What happened?

In a nutshell, “CULTURALIZATION” happened…

While Technology and Industry Has Taken Away the Need to Hunt Your Own Food, Social Engineering has Created Generations of Confused, Emasculated “Poodle-Men”

Who Lack Personal Power and Confidence

… it doesn’t matter how big and strong they are – they’re ineffective and lack decision-making and vision-accomplishing power, reacting to life like a baby or a diva with an impulse for temper-tantrums.

Sadly, the Majority of the Hypnotized Populace Doesn’t Even Know

They’ve Been Stripped of Their Manhood!

They think they’re in control when they’re not.

Does a fish know it’s wet?

THIS MAY BE YOU, and you may not even know it! It was me….

I grew up like an orphan. Not much home life to speak of and no hope of improving my circumstances. An outcast at school and a dropout with little or no future. I didn’t have the courage to ask a girl out even if I knew she liked me.

Broke, disappointed and confused, I missed opportunities left and right. I was naive, deceived, and taken advantage of more than once. I constantly struggled to get ahead and it never seemed to be enough. Most people spend their whole lives that way, but I found a way out!

The Martial Arts was the beginning of my success. It was not your typical dojo, it was “old school” all the way. The teacher barely spoke english and I had to learn “old style” through actual doing. It was the opposite of the commercial McDojo’s out there today. Classes were 3 hours a night and it was HARD.

Somehow this provoked in me an unquenchable thirst for the essence of the ancient Masters, not just their fighting skills but also their life skills. I had an instinct for practicality. I didn’t want to be a monk or join a temple. I didn’t need an “authority” or “institution” to validate me, I SIMPLY WANTED TO KNOW AND BE THE BEST – A MASTER.

I had to seek out the skills and knowledge I needed, and it was not being offered to the masses.

So I spent YEARS of intensely studying not only Martial Arts and Combat, but also art, philosophy, mind control, persuasion, influence, sales, seduction, negotiation and even fire-walking (yes we have it on film 🙂

As Sun Tzu said, “Life Is War.” I mastered my physical body, but then I had to master my Mind and Spirit – leading to

Massive Results in Every Area of Life!

I was now dominating circumstances that seemed impossible before!

I became wealthy, more than once! I started many successful businesses and now head a worldwide Martial Arts and Advanced Skills Training Institute with students in over 30 countries.

I went from being a total loner to countless hot dates, and at last a soul-mate relationship with the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.

Look, I’m not tooting my own horn here. I’m saying that if I can do it, YOU can do it!

And I’m going to SHOW YOU HOW.

Not with esoteric vagueness, theoretical hunches or “thus sayeth the guru” sermons. This is the Real World. I’m going to show you how to Really make it Your World.

I was asked to give a seminar for one of my corporate clients on the content of one of my books, Mental Warfare Secrets Vol. 1. They said “PUT IT ALL TOGETHER for us. Take what you know, and Show us how to TAKE CHARGE AND MASTER EVERY AREA OF LIFE!”

The feedback was PHENOMENAL so I decided to make the Ultimate Training Course that downloads into your brain only the Warrior Skills that Work for Life Mastery. It was called

MARTIAL MASTERY: The Complete Teachings

It became popular in worldwide sales. Every year, sales doubled. I received countless testimonials (you can see some of them right here on this site), and positive feedback from satisfied clients all over the world jumping for joy shouting…

“This Stuff Works!!”

There are so many testimonials we couldn’t fit them all on this website, it would take a year to post them all! We did put up a few so you can see for your self. It’s the real deal my friend. After many years of enormous worldwide sales, I decided to pull Martial Mastery off the market in 2008. Then in 2012, I dedicated an entire year to continued research, development, experience and new discoveries and added them to the course – launching Martial Mastery 2.0! It again transformed thousands of lives and broke records before I took it off the market a year later. The elite warriors that grabbed this course still thank me to this day.

Since then, hardly a week or even a day goes by that someone doesn’t write in or call asking for Martial Mastery. I can understand why. This information has never been more relevant or more necessary in these hectic times.

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s only gotten worse out there, and it’s going to continue to get worse.

You’ll need to be a Complete Warrior of Body, Mind and Spirit if you and yours are going to Survive and THRIVE in these modern times.

That’s why I finally decided the time was right to add 12 DVDs of my years of NEW discoveries and expansions on the teachings in the original Martial Mastery and Martial Mastery 2.0 to make Martial Mastery 3.0 my most thorough and definitive course of my entire career.

It’s like ADDING ROCKET-FUEL and making the Best EVEN BETTER with 30 DVDs and audio mp3 that will MULTIPLY YOUR LEARNING 100x FASTER!!

Martial Mastery 3.0 is Packed with Ancient Wisdom and Cutting-edge Knowledge and Unfair Secrets.

And the hard part’s already done! You don’t need to study. That’s right, I’ll say it again, “YOU DON’T NEED TO STUDY!” Got it? All you need to do is just pop in one DVD a day – And in just a few hours you’ll discover instantly

How To KILL FEAR Immediately and Permanently

Warrior Verbal Skills and Body Language Secrets: Negotiate better pay, close big dollar sales,

and Unstoppable Persuasion and Influence

Pit-Bull Confidence: The natural and effortless way: Energetic Skills that DOMINATE!

Put an end to personal weakness and self-defeating habits (and GET STRONG)

Psychic Skills: Win Before it Begins

The Warrior’s Instant Lie Detector: How To Know When Someone Is Lying (your boss, your prospects, your spouse, your kids, ANYONE) – AND, Get This! – How To Quickly Get The Truth, without Them Knowing You “Made” Them!

Why 99% of all martial artists totally miss the boat when it comes to understanding how to apply martial arts to real life… and how you can easily manipulate Ninja Mind Control Secrets to get massive results in your dealings with others, as fast as humanly possible!

How to blast your income through the roof by implementing The Master Keys to Fountains of Cash – even while you stay at Home! Includes 8 REAL Money-Making ideas you can Start NOW for peanuts, and you never have to see people!


How To Quickly Become Famous and Sought After in your chosen industry and personal life

Re-establish communication with estranged loved ones, friends and old flames, this time easily directing them from your higher level! They’ll love you for it and be eating out of your

hand! WARNING: do not take unfair advantage of others with this.

How it’s easier to get faster and better results when you train “instinctively” (once you know the

secrets) than it is to blindly follow the “fads” and Commando-hype training programs.

How To Surive and Thrive under ANY “Regime Change” and Live Powerfully, Prosperously and In Command of Everything at All Times (just like the Ancient Ninja!)

How to dwell inside your personal “Martial Mastery Achievement Sanctuary” every minute  of everyday… so you get results as you go about your normal routines – at work, at school and at play! (The kind of results that builds on itself like a success landslide!)

How to use the amazing “Universal Life Force” Tao Shen Chi-Kung method of decoding any life problem to pull solutions from the “unseen” realms into the physical realm! (This will help you finally understand why some mind methods work better than others at influencing others, making boatloads of cash and attaining the cat-like grace and fluid movements of history’s most deadly martial artists!)

How to Create and “lock-in” Pit-Bull Confidence so you move with poise and purpose throughout every situation you find yourself in!

How To Change Your Past, Present and Future in 12 minutes

Seduction Power: what you need to know to ethically and naturally make it work INSTANTLY and keep it working constantly

Relationships and Family Matters: How to guarantee your family will be “one” with peace, harmony and success. And, how to easily control your in-laws – you will never be bothered or upset by your relatives ever again, as you “train” them to cheerfully obey your rules. This is a HUGE area that many people struggle with, even millionaire CEOs! Finally, YOU get the answer – it’s on DVD #3, and once you see it, you’ll feel like you just woke up and won the lottery!

How one simple question can give you an explosive unfair advantage over others in everything you do!

The Twin Principles you must follow to win on the battleground of the soul

***How to reach, in just 3 days, the “Zero Point” where Action, Will and Intention all become One so you move with Charisma and Purpose! (People will be unexplainably attracted to you and present you with opportunities left and right!) *****

A very simple method for ending eating problems and digestive discomfort (and sleeping problems) forever!

Why the so-called experts are just dead-wrong in their ridiculous theories on “Making Money”… and how to use what really works to get more cash than you can handle and more customers than you can keep up with!

Why there are only 3 simple eating rules you need to concern yourself with while you build size, watch fat melt away and develop cobra-like reflexes… one of these diet secrets will shock you, and the other will make you leap for joy!

Ninja Mind and Psychological Probing Secrets: know everything about anyone in minutes

The 3 Primary ENERGY Factors and how to easily integrate them into your life (starting today!)  to achieve Results in the 99% percentile…and have an endless supply of energy whenever you need it!

How to recognize and prevent deceivers, manipulators, seducers and attackers, agitators and distracters and stop them COLD!

How to prevent “energy vampires” and those with hidden intentions and unconscious disquietude from disrupting your peace and confidence.

And more… so much more, it would take me another 27 pages just to outline it all here!

But don’t be scared by all the “inside” stuff — the fact is, Martial Mastery Secrets 3.0 will quickly take all the mystery and frustration away!


For 3 reasons:

#1. Because it’s simple yet comprehensive — everything is explained in a way that even a pip- squeak 13-year-old could understand it, yet a rocket scientist would still love it!

#2. It makes no difference whether or not you’re a Martial Artist! You get an unfair advantage over the rest of the population – it’s a simple as that!)

#3. You get your own proof (through your own discoveries) almost instantly!

Listen. Most of the “experts” today are emasculated wimps — programmed by society to turn would-be Warriors into Pawns and Sheeple. Do you want to follow their “follow-me” politically correct dogma? If so, then Martial Mastery isn’t for you. Don’t even call me…

Because I Don’t Want Your Business!

I only want Warriors who possess a true passion for being Modern-Day Warriors like the Warriors of old to join my clan. Men with heart, courage and with enough brains to admit when their life is not reaching its potential and see the truth about how to make themselves better when it’s laid down right in front of them.

These Martial Mastery Secrets stand on their own as the ONLY way to attain the sort of demeanor, skills, “How To’s” and Wisdom that screams, loud and clear to everyone in any situation you enter into…

This Is A Real Warrior You’re Dealing With!

You can become the kind of naturally Graceful Yet Powerful Warrior that radiates Power and commands

respect and attention everywhere you go. That’s the way it should be and that’s the way it can be!

I see it happen to my students all the time whenever they walk into a room full of people. They radiate confidence and energy – and ATTRACT EVERYTHING and EVERYONE THEY WANT like a magnet!

Just Imagine what you can do once you get the skills on these DVDs!!!

So here’s the bottom line:

When the Martial Mastery Secrets 12 DVD course was originally released years ago, it was priced at 1497.00

Martial Mastery 3.0 is 30 DVDs and with an audio mps version and full Huge Manual.

Listen up, friend: If you get just ONE idea out of ALL this that turns your life around, wouldn’t it be worth it?

Of course. Any honest person knows that. Now is YOUR time to Take Action, because Only Action-Takers are Rewarded in Life.

Plus, when you order now, I’m going to give you these Amazing FREE BONUSES:

Free Bonus #1: The Huge Martial Mastery 3.0 Handbook! (worth 100.00) Not just a simple transcript of the videos, this manual contains study notes written by Black Belt students who studied the courses! It’s like going to a gold-mine and having the gold already dug out for you.

Free Bonus #2: The Martial Mastery Power-Point Presentation! (worth 100.00) Developed by student who is also a computer expert and highly successful NYC Artist, these quotes with key questions that unlock the teachings will motivate, inspire, and EMPOWER YOU whenever you need it. Comes in both Power-Point and a PDF version if you don’t use Power-Point.

Free Bonus #3: The Warrior’s Daily Power Temple (worth 100.00) A CD of my confidential daily personal rituals, extracted from my elite discoveries in Ninja-Ryu. I designed them for myself personally, so that I always win, even before I step in to the ring or start my day.

You see….

“I Don’t Step Into The Ring To See if I Can Win.

I Step Into The Ring Having Already Won. I Step Into the Ring To Show the Opponent I Have Already Won”

Yes my friend, please remember this always: Victory is Determined in Advance. There are multiple meanings and applications to that statement, and I share them all with you, and How to do it for yourself easily and quickly and apply them in your life – in your home, in the workplace, in the ring or on the street, and especially in the most important battleground of all: your mind. You will discover all of this in the Warrior’s Daily Power Temple CD.

I have never shared this before. Ever. But I now share this with you when you order. It gives you the Master Keys for instant power, focus, peace-of-mind and the strength of a Dragon.

And, there’s MORE!

– Each Martial Mastery 3.0 set is registered in our office. You get full lifetime product support, and lifetime digital access

– You get full lifetime access to our online private Group (worth 995.00) where you can interact with like-minded people and ask me questions. We will also post new findings, videos, audios and elite material in the group!

Look. What we’re talking about is being the Best of the Best. Life is a battleground, and you can be your own worst enemy. I will show you how to easily conquer yourself once and for all, and then conquer anyone else.

I’ve put it on the line here. This is the best damn course on the planet. 30 DVDs chock full of all of life’s secrets – that’s HUGE! And the secret warrior knowledge will be yours.

But it’s not so much that it’s “secret” – it’s that the “sheeple” and losers who would spend twice as much for a weekend of partying, NEVER seek out elite knowledge. They’re only interested in “free” things – like public school (did that really set you up for success?)

I guess the only thing possibly holding you back at this point is the price. Are you cheap? If you don’t invest in your future, in your skills, what kind of life will you end up with? You know something like this doesn’t come along every day. Most people don’t have the balls to try something different – even if they know it will work.

That’s why 99% of the population is comfortable in ignorance and mediocrity. If you want to continue in apathy and living inside of a little box, don’t bother to call, we won’t miss you. But for those of you who simply must win at life – who need to know how – this is for you.

You have the courage to step up. That’s why after you’ve absorbed these new DVDs that no one has anywhere else, you’ll walk into a room and immediately grab attention – and radiate power! Watch how people notice you’ve been transformed! It’ll be magnetizing, and it’s all real. Period.

So now that you’re ready to stand up and make a change that will last forever, order right here.

Once your order, you set will be available for immediate download or streaming on your favorite device. If you order hard-copy it will land on your door within 10 business days.

Don’t put it off and miss this amazing deal! The last time we offered Martial Mastery years ago, every single set was snapped up instantly (you may remember trying to order it and being told “no”) At some point, Scott will pull this one off the market. He always does eventually, so don’t fool around and miss out.

Now you’ve got a chance. A chance to change your life, forever. Once you get this knowledge, you’ll finally discover how to live the way you want to be, the way you know you really should be!

Ordering is easy. Order HERE and you’re on your way!

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Yours in the Warrior Spirit,

PS If you ALREADY have the Martial Mastery 2.0 course and you bought it from us or one of our affiliates, you can get 3.0 at a very special discount. Just email info@scottbolan.com and we will verify your prior purchase and hook you up with a special coupon code.

PPS If you don’t have it or didn’t but it from us, don’t waste time trying to trick us, it will not work. The coupon code is ONLY for people who already bought the original course from us, and we know who they are.

PPPS If you don’t have the original Martial Mastery course, order 3.0 right now. It’s the best deal you’ll ever find, and this is the ONLY place you can find it.

PPPPS Since you’ve read this far, I guess it’s fair to tell you that when you “order Martial Mastery 3.0”

You Get an Extra Free Bonus worth 500.00!! I’m not going to say what it is here, but I promise you you’ll be jumping for joy and thanking me! It really is time in your life for something like this.


Martial Mastery is Exactly What I Was Expecting!

“I have studied success mastery for many years and have written three best selling books on natural strength and fitness. I’m really enjoying the information conveyed in Martial Mastery and it is exactly what I was expecting. Please offer my gratitude
to Scott.” –

John E. Peterson, www.transformetrics.com

You Are The Only Teacher I Have Known That Stands By Your Word!

“Thanks for the Martial Mastery dvd’s, they are awesome! I really appreciate your extra effort. You really do care about your students, so uncommon these days. I have literally spent around 100K on consulting and management firms over the last three years and you are the only teacher that I have known of that stands by your word, gives your students the real “skinny” on whatever you are sharing, and knocks us out with your thoroughness. I just want you to know that and I don’t give out compliments easily, in fact I have been known to be a little intense at times. Guess that is the way G-d made me. I hate bulls–t. You deliver my man! You have a student and referral source for life.”

Jeff King (Illinois) www.kingclinic.com